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Trapping jobs for rats and/or mice are performed to eliminate a existing rodent infestation inside a structure. Trapping jobs typically include 4-6 visits and last about 2 weeks. Snap traps and/or glue boards will be used but poison will not be used inside your home.

Trapping Jobs

Rodent proofing also called exclusion is the sealing of any holes or entry points where rodents may enter. Villa Hills Pest Management will use all stainless-steel products to insures rodents cannot chew threw covered holes no foam will be used. Rodent proofing is recommended to be done after a rodent trapping job.

Rodent proofing/Exclusion

Attic clean outs is a job in which you get a new attic after you had a long-term rodent infestation. All old insulation will be removed, all rodent droppings will be vacuumed, attic will be treated with a industrial strength disinfectant and finally new insulation will be installed. Attic Clean outs are to be performed after a trapping job and rodent proofing have been performed. Villa Hills Pest Management also offers clean out services for garages, basements, pool heaters, and more.

Attic Clean Outs

Rodent bait stations are devise installed around your property to control the population of rodents on the exterior of your home. This service is a ongoing service as the bait needs to be replaced on a regular basis typically rodent bait stations are serviced on a monthly basis. Rodent proofing must be performed prior to the installation of rodent bait stations.

Rodent Bait Stations
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